William Powhida

William Powhida (b. 1976, New York) is a G-E-N-I-U-S and habitual critic of the art world.  Powhida lives and works in New York.  He studied painting at Syracuse University where he easily received a B.F.A with honors and scored an M.F.A. from the nicely remodeled Hunter College program. He has exhibited internationally in New York, Los Angles, Seattle, London, Madrid, Miami, Chicago, Copenhagen, Austria, Dublin, and even the Canary Islands .  Recent shows include Unretrospective at Platform Gallery, Overculture at Postmasters Gallery, and Bill by Bill at Charlie James Gallery, which have left people slightly confused.

William Powhida is both an artist and a fictional persona, POWHIDA created by the artist to satirize notions of individual genius,the emphasis on personal biography, and the art world’s extremely fucked up relation to wealth and class.