Noah Fischer

Noah Fischer is a New York based artist and activist. He received an MFA at Columbia in 2004 and began exhibiting kinetic installations in New York such as (Rhetoric Machine, Oliver Kamm Gallery,2006) and in Europe (Pop Ark, Kunstenfestivaldesart, 2007) as well as joining the Berlin-based theatre group andcompany&co to perform and to develop sets. Following the financial crash of 2008 Fischer exited from the private art market initiating an interdisciplinary inquiry into value involving research, video, sculpture, and public performance.  When the Occupy Wall Street Movement began, he was performing in the park as a giant coin-head, and later initiated Occupy Museums which has carried out major actions at MoMA, Frieze, Guggenheim and 7th Berlin Biennale,  CCA Warsaw and on the streets. Fischer is also a member of Global Ultra Luxury Faction (GULF) and a collaborator on the Debtfair project. He maintains a studio practice and lives in Brooklyn with his wife Brenda and daughter Luna Sol.