Martha Rosler

Martha Rosler was born in Brooklyn, New York. She took her B.A. from Brooklyn College in 1965 and her M.F.A. from University of California, San Diego in 1974. Since the 60’s Rosler has worked in video, photo-text, installation, and performance. Her work examines social issues such as the relationships between social space and media space, particularly with respect to women. She has done extensive work on homelessness and housing, as well as on systems of transportation and public space. She has written many books including “Culture Class”  published by eflux in 2013, which examines the way artists are enlisted into governmental schemes promoting gentrification and  the upward valuation of real estate. Her work has been exhibited in two Documentas, several Whitney Biennials, and in many other national and international venues.  Her exhibition on war opened in  February 2015 at IVAM, in Valencia, Spain, , and parts of her groundbreaking 1989 project,  “If You LIved Here…” on housing, homelessness, and urban planning, will be re-created at the Reina Sofia in Madrid, as part of a rethinking, in an international context, of modes of documentary.